Favorite Beauty Essentials 2015

Recently I have really started to notice and work out what beauty products I use daily and really enjoy using. Since I was 9 I’ve been focused 100% on my skin and what to do to look after it and noticed I have a very unique range of skincare and my makeup is all very similar along with my hair care.

I do try to incorporate new products to try out and see if I like regularly but some products just don’t get old with me and I wanted to share them and send a message out explaining why these are my favorite beauty products that are essential.

Essential #1 

Now to some people deodorant for them might be an essential but not really too knowledgeable on the different types out their or might not even care. For others (such as me) I am very specific about my deodorant and for me it’s an absolute essential and so important because I have to admit one of my biggest fears is being smelly so making sure I’m protected from odor and from sweating I use Sure Maximum Protection. Now this product I first found out about back in I would like to say midway through last year and it’s been a holy grail. I do suffer due to problems with my hormones high sweat which is horrible and this has seriously helped so much and I just can’t go without it now. For the people in other countries who may not be able to get this product I have also tried 3 types of Secret Gel Deodorants which are just as amazing but obviously unavailable in the UK.

Essential #2 

I have been wearing foundation now for the past year and since last Christmas I used to apply my foundation, BB cream, etc using my fingers which isn’t the best way to do it and I really noticed my problem with my outcomes. At Christmas I asked as one of my presents for a beauty blender which I’ve got to admit is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made with makeup… EVER. I don’t physically know how I coped before not using this because it seriously is such an essential. It leaves a beautiful flawless yet natural look on the face and is the most easiest thing ever.

Essential #3 

One of the first ever makeup items I ever had was a lip balm set from this unknown brand and the image of these three beautiful lip balms still stick in my head. From such an early age I’ve been obsessed with lip balms which results in finding my favorite and trust me it’s taken years and years of lip balm trying to find it and as soon as I tried Dr. Lipp I fell in love. Basically this brand first did a nipple balm and it was for dry and cracked nipples or area of the skin that needed moisture and then recently the balm was tweaked a little and made into a beauty balm for lips mostly but can also work on nipples, elbows, brows and loads of other makeup uses aswell. It’s so so so moisturizing and leaves my lips with a lovely smooth feel and makes your lips look soft and healthy. It’s a little pricey though as it comes in for around £10 but I promise it’s really worth it.



Plans / Chit-Chat on Re-Decorating My Room

For a good couple of years now I have been in the process of planning my new room and it’s finally came to a point in time where it now needs to be done. I got my room last decorated back in I would like to say 2006 when I was 4 years old so I guess it’s about time now I’m 13 something gets sorted!

I am so indecisive on what inspiration/theme I want to go for in my room.. I’m loving the idea of a very vintage, bird cages, sleek, pink, coral or baby blue or even a grey stoney colored room but then I also like the idea of all fun colors with white walls and copper lamps and pintrest/tumbr themed room with Polaroid pictures everywhere and memories on every wall but they’re both so different but then both so me so I don’t want to mess it up but then I don’t want to regret anything so it’s a hard decision to make, I would say.

One of the hardest parts actually though once you’ve gone with your design/theme (which I have decided is going to be my first option a very vintage, pretty and sleek room) is choosing the right wallpaper. I have been searching now day and night for the past couple of months trying to find the right wallpaper! I have literally looked everywhere and nothing has really caught my eye and if it has It’s been on pintrest or somewhere where it doesn’t attach where you can get the frikin wallpaper from or it’s a different country so it costs a mortgage to ship over and if they don’t ship to the UK I’m screwed.

But once I’ve found my wallpaper it’s then time to get the matching paint for the other walls. I specifically want a misty white paint so it will match well with my furniture and a easy color to design with and match with anything.

Recently in my room I have had a new carpet and new windows and shutters so it just is the decorating left to do.

One of the things I’m most excited about though with my new room is that I am having half my room now sectioned off into….. A WALK IN CLOSET/WARDROBE. As you can probably guess I am extremely excited and happy about this as it is every girl’s dream and especially mine. It will have sliding mirrored doors and once you open them your in my closet. I’m going to have the famous ALEX Drawers to keep my makeup in and other bits such as clothes and underwear. Jean/Trouser hanger things that pull out.. it’s going to be amazing.

I am also doing a video to explain everything in full detail on my YouTube channel so when I upload that I will be sure to link that here;


Life Update & Plans for Future

Lately I have been extremely busy and all other things seem to be a lot more important then my blog or YouTube. Don’t get me wrong I’ve missed making videos, writing blog posts and sharing all my inner passions with people all around the world but I just needed my space to get things right and focus on the more important things such as my health, family and school.

But I am back, and have got so many ideas and such a big inspiration to produce good blog posts for you all and successful, YouTube videos! I have got a big plan for my next video and so many things to share with you all such as my big mexico trip this summer and my plans for the future which in this time off I have figured out.

In a nutshell, I have been quite ill and depressed recently so if you can probably imagine I didn’t have a urge to do anything, so trying to make videos and be positive was a big ask and actually extremely hard so I decided to give myself the break and come back when I am ready which seems to be now ( Sunday 27th September 2015 @ 8:07 pm).

But now I am back I’ve got so many ideas and secret upcoming videos I can’t wait for you all to see 🙂 So please bare with me while I get back into the swing of things, but all in all I am back and so happy and excited about the future…


Bournemouth Day Out | August 2015

So on August 8th, I decided I wanted to take a trip up to Bournemouth, one of England’s biggest tourist/holiday place. For a long time now I’ve wanted to see Bournemouth, it’s a beautiful place and has the most amazing beach full up with beach huts every meter away from each other which goes on for what looks like forever.

My favorite YouTuber Brogan also lives up in Bournemouth and features the beach quite a lot in her weekly vlogs which I highly recommend you go watch! So when I saw this beach I just pictured her sitting at her mum’s beach hut, and I don’t know why but for me that just felt really special and it made me so happy and want to go their even more 🙂

When we first arrived which was at about lunch time, we was very hungry so once we parked up and got down to the beach we went to the famous Harry Ramsden’s and had what was said ‘The Best Fish and Chips In The World’ and I’m not going to lie I agree with them on the chips part. I don’t like fish so I don’t know but what I do know is I’ve had my fair share of chips so far throughout my lifetime, and they were the best I’ve ever tried.

After our little cheeky break at Harry’s we decided to properly go down to the beach and stroll through the sand and sea which was really cold but at the same time so nice as I don’t live near a beach and don’t go to one quite often either so getting the chance to walk in some sea water and white sands was something I wasn’t going to pass up!

After a bit of walking up the beach we saw the pier and thought that’s something were definitely going to have to do as I couldn’t pass up the good VLOG footage I would be able to get if we did. So we payed at most £1 to get onto the pier and just took a stroll up that which was really nice until it started raining 😦 So then we thought it’s about time we go, so as a last thing we stopped off in the rock store, and drove all the way home!

Airplane Travel Essentials ✈

So it’s came to that time where everyone is either going away on a holiday abroad or in their own country so maybe on a road trip, and I know I am, I’m going to Mexico in 19 days and this is why I thought I would supply you all with some of my essentials that I travel with either on a airplane.

I fly quite a lot so I have lots of essentials I have grown up to swear by as a great travelling essential which is why I thought I would tell you about them today.

iPhone & Camera 

Sometimes you don’t need to or wouldn’t want to bring your phone on holiday/vacation with you but for me it’s an essential as my phone has EVERYTHING on it. It has my music, a camera, my social media’s, games, etc. As much as my camera on my iPhone is still used, loads too take cute travelling selfies and pictures from my travels as maybe memories, for me it’s important I have my vlogging camera with me or my Go Pro Hero 4 so I can take memory’s with high quality or stuff for my job and hobby which is YouTube and Blogging.


My life, I like to think, is a massive music video. Music is one of the things I cannot live without, it makes me happy and there is so much music out their that suits all my different moods and I just cannot live without music. So especially when I’m bored or haven’t got anything better to do I love listening to music it’s like one of my favorite things and the only way I can do that if I’m on a plane or in public is by using my Beats Solo 2 in Pink or my Apple Earphones that came with my iPhone. I prefer to use my Beats but after a while I am fed up of having some giants headphones on my head which is then when I opt for my Apple Earphones as these are also a lot easier to use when I want to sleep.

Beauty & Skincare Essentials 

So as my flight is 10 hours long I think it’s an definite essential to have products that make me feel more refreshed and as airplanes are full of germs, and it’s a real pain for skin as the compressed air and high air conditioning can really dry skin out, it’s a definite for some good moisturizer for body, hands and face. Also some essentials for me are deodrant and body sprays or perfume. I have been on some really painful flights where I have literally felt like holding up air freshener up to my nose where the people next to me have smelt like a dead animal and it really isn’t nice and especially when your in a compact space such as a isle of seats in an airplane especially when you have to sit next to them for such a long flight or maybe short, if your lucky 🙂

Another essential for me is lip balm. I always have to have lip balm as it’s a real struggle for me when I have dry lips as they start to peel and it’s not nice at all and especially not on a flight which dry’s them out even more, so don’t forget that lip balm and keep your lips lovely and soft. Also an essential is something to cleanse my face with such as some micella water or face wipes or toner or even those Nivea facial mist’s, which are really nice to freshen up your face within a flight. It’s really important to keep your face clean and fresh when travelling as it makes you feel great and your skin also really benefits from some extra work when it’s needed. Something I also like to bring on a long haul flight, like the one upcoming for me, is a face mask. Whether it’s a liquid one or an actual mask, I love to bring myself to having one of these on a long flight as it really pampers the skin and if you can pick up the confidence to do one of these on a flight, you and your skin can really benefit.

Makeup Products

Sometimes when I am flying places I usually have somewhere to be after that or maybe I just want to apply some makeup in order for me to feel better about myself and make myself look at least one bit presentable. I only like to wear a bit of makeup after a flight while my skin is breathing or even non as it does really help but if I do I like to wear light products but things that still make me look awake and beautiful when really you should be looking like crap, especially after a long haul flight. One product I crave after a long haul flight for my base, instead as a foundation, I like to use either a BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer. My favorite is the Rimmel BB Cream which is lovely and light and has a good SPF coverage which also covers up all the blemishes and stuff on my face that shouldn’t be their. My second favorite is my Chanel CC Cream, which is on the expensive side which is why the Rimmel BB Cream comes a good dupe for a lower price range, but if you can afford to branch out to the Chanel it’s an amazing product as it gives an amazing coverage yet it still feels lovely and light feel to the skin and it also acts round to your skin tone which is perfect for me as I have very light skin which means there’s not many good matching colors out their for me.

Radox Feel Relaxed Bubble Bath

Now I always spend lots of money on Lush products and as much as I love them so much they can be very expensive to keep purchasing, especially if your like me and you have baths and relaxing nights VERY often.

So I thought of opting out on a bubble bath. I have tried loads, and I really mean that but yet non of them seemed to work as well as this one, the Radox Feel Relaxed Bubble Bath.

It’s a easy use bubble bath and creates bubbles almost instantly which is a really good feature of this bubble bath. Also the fact that I once had a bath for 3 hours in this bubble bath and the bubbles were still their and it still had this beautiful lavender, floral scent and left me feeling really relaxed and smelling lovely.

Now the best bit about this bubble bath is that it’s a common UK brand of body products so it’s something that can be found in any drugstores and superstores across the UK! Also at a really good affordable price. You also will get a lot for your money as not only is it really nice using but it’s a big amount and will last you long, because a tiny amount goes a long way.


June Fave’s 2015

So throughout the month of June I have been buying and trying so many new products and also been loving loads of items that I’ve bought so I thought I would talk about them and why their good. I also have a video on my June Fave’s on my YouTube channel so here is the link for that if you want to go check that out; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrShxSVF4rQ&feature=youtu.be 🙂

Every month I try and branch out my product knowledge and educate myself on all the wide range of products from makeup to skincare to hair care, etc. This June I loved these products particularly which is why I thought I would talk about them.

Naked Foundation

I actually already have a separate review on this foundation already on my blog so if you want to go check that out here is the link; https://hellagirlnicole.wordpress.com/2015/06/09/review-urban-decay-naked-skin-foundation/

Secret Deodorant

So while I was in America (late March, early April) I thought I would pick up some of the Secret Deodorants as lots of You Tubers and beauty/lifestyle bloggers rave about them. I picked up 2 Paris ones and a cocoa butter kiss one! They are by far the best deodorants I have ever used. When you apply it gives a lovely feel to the skin, their very moisturizing as well, and also stop me from being to sweaty but if I am it doesn’t smell at all and makes me still smells as fresh as I did when I first applied it.

Avon Care Glycerine Hand & Nail Cream

When I first bought this product in the early months of 2014, I didn’t really appreciate all the different products available and all of the amazing benefits a good hand cream can really do, I basically just bought this because I had some spare cash and it looked like a good enough product to buy. Lately, I have been so obsessed with this hand cream after placing it on my desk early June. It is so nourishing and moisturizing and really soaks into the skin fast and even faster when/if your hands are hot/warm. I thoroughly enjoy using this product and am pretty disappointed they don’t sell it anymore.

NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer’s

 From watching videos all throughout early months of 2015 I saw in a lot of American Haul’s these New NYC Lippies and I instantly fell in love with all the colors they have. So as I was going to be travelling to America late March so I thought it was a must to pick a few of these up! I got the two shades ‘Lincoln Square Love Affair’ and ‘Fidi Fuchsia’. The consistency of these lip colors are amazing and give a really good long lasting color to the lips.

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Face Moisturizer & Wash

 I have another separate review/blog post on these products so go check that out as it has way more information on the products and the line of products they offer. Here is the link to go and hear more about that; https://hellagirlnicole.wordpress.com/?p=53&preview=true 🙂

Victoria’s Secret Escape Fragrance Mist

Back in America Victoria’s Secret is a much much bigger company than it is over here ( In the UK)  so they have much more stock and for me as I’m not into the whole ‘Underwear’ thing yet so when I’m in a store the fragrances are the only things I really go in for and buy nearly every time I’m in their which is why I have to refrain from going in their usually. But when I was in America I had to go and pick this spray up in ‘escape’ as it just smelt amazing and is by far my favorite body mist ever. It has a very late night, sunset, date kind of smell with loads of flowers and just sets this beautiful summer image in my head.

COVERGIRL Clump Crusher by Lashblast  

This is by far my favorite mascara in the world. Over nearly my whole life span I have been using mascaras and always trying new ones high-end and drugstore. Recently, again while in America, I had to make my appearance in one of the famous American drugstores Walgreen’s! As YouTube is my life, I almost always have a chance to find out about all the new popular products and this mascara was one of them I heard multiple people rave and go on about to many times I almost had to get it to see what all this fuss was about. Wow, I am so glad I picked this up as out of all my mascaras from ‘they’re real’ to ‘the rocket’ this is my best mascara. It gives amazing volume to your lashes with a beautiful strong black color as I got mine in ‘very black’. It also gives me no clumps and a really good lash length while also being a very cheap/affordable mascara.

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint

Throughout the upcoming months I have this inspiration of bold bright fun lips for the summer and this was just waiting for me to purchase at such a low price! It has easy instructions on easy use on the product and the product itself is such a nice build-able color. It definitely is quite light for first appliance but you can build it up to a brighter color really easily and have the option of keeping in matte or adding some shine and texture with the lip balm on the other end which comes with the product.

L’Oreal Studio Heat Protection Spray 

Only throughout this past year I have discovered how important heat protectors really are and all the wide rang of different ones there are for different uses but all do the most important job which is protecting your hair from the heat you put it through daily (for me anyway)! As my hair is so short I have grown up with having it always straitened as that’s the nicest look for my hair and even in primary school my mother every morning would sit their and spend at most 5 mins straightening my hair so it became almost something I always had to do which is why my hair is so bad now which is also why I had to start using a heat protector. This one is great because it protects my hair, and helps with my go-to hairstyle which is washing it in a morning then blow-drying it and then straightening it and it helps so well with that as it is meant for having your hair straight daily.


Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Cleanser & Moisturizer

I love this skincare range so much. For nearly years now I have been obsessed trying to find a good brand and line of products I can use for my skincare and facial routine. I have came across brands such as simple which I found was to ‘cheap’ feeling, clean & clear which was just too heavy and didn’t have the results I was looking for such as many other drugstore skincare brands. I wanted something not high-street as that’s way to expensive especially for my young skin as most of the high-street products a bit to heavy and aimed for an older age group, so I wanted something in the middle of High-End and Drugstore.

When I first tried the facial cleanser and moisturizer I loved them, the feel they had on my skin was a very lightweight feeling with also an amazing scent that left me feeling hydrated and refreshed. I have tried different moisturizers with the facial wash and different facial washes to the moisturizer but it really doesn’t have the same affect these products give when they are together.

All in All, I’m very impressed with outcome of this brand and skincare line of products, which also concludes me to recommend this to all people with the same skin type as me (dry) and everyone really.

What’s In My Bag?! School Essentials Edition

For school I cannot go one day without these following essentials. If I do I already know I won’t be in a good mood about it. I have this extremely weird ‘ocd’ with all things not normal and in my every day routine, I always need to carry round something I might need because I love having the prepared feeling.

My essentials are like most others because as much as I think I need to carry round everything I will need I don’t need to carry round things that are completely our of the mind frame like my whole make-up collection because unless I don’t do it before I go to school I don’t need to carry round my naked 3 palette all day….

Phone & Headphones

I always need my phone in school just encase I need to urgently call someone and obviously to take good selfie’s with all my friends and just in general. In my school they don’t actually allow phones but as long as they don’t catch you on it, their okay about it to be honest. I also need headphones because in some lessons they allow me to play music if I’ve done the work and were waiting for others and because I am a music crazy I always play music so when I’m on the bus or at the bus stop it’s a necessity.

Books & Planner

These are a pretty obvious essentials for your school bag as this is one of the things you really do need in school. My planner and books are supplied by our school so we don’t have custom ones but that also means whenever we have that lesson we have to bring that book but that’s obviously if they haven’t got our books already as some teachers like to keep them for us As well as normal writing books I also like to carry round a reading book as in most lessons they don’t allow music so they ask if we can read and our school has a built in library so they really are fond of reading and books.

Pencil Case

All lessons and teachers expect you to come into the lesson with the full equipment required. Our required equipment is a pencil, pen, ruler, rubber, calculator and spare items such as pens and pencils. They also like us to carry round colored pencils and pens to mark our work in green and the teacher marks in red and also to make our work more presentable and easier to learn with some color in our books they recommend.


For me in school I am the girl who always has nice smelling things and the ‘clean’ one shall I say so it’s a necessity for me to carry round some body spray or perfume, deodorant, lip balm, etc.. I also love carrying round my bath and body works travel sized products such as their pocket bac’s (hand gels) body creams and hand creams by Victoria Secret. I also love bath and body works body sprays they all smell so nice and are amazing to carry round with you everywhere you go, their so handy.




Review; Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self-Tanner Lotion

I am a very pale person and all the time I am on the lookout for new products that I can try, good for my skin and that gives a great coverage gradual tan. I was recently on holiday to Florida and as you probably already know it was reasonably hot which resulted in a bit of a catch of sun on my arms.

As I am fair skinned it also has the down of being a skin type prone to burn easily in the sun and that meant I needed to be extra careful, like always, and use a higher SPF of sun cream. As most of you probably already know the higher you go in SPF the harder it is to catch a tan well that resulted in coming home with not one slight bit of brownness on my body which is where this amazing product comes into the… story!

Stupidly I didn’t bring this product to Florida with me and I had school right after I came back and everyone wanted to see how ‘brown’ I was so I had to think of a plan and using a product like this was my first bet. My mom already had this in her cupboard which is where I got the product off but little did I know how good it actually was.

What you do is get the lotion after like a bath or shower or whenever really as long as your dry and aren’t in any way going to mess it up or get your body wet while lotion is drying and just rub it over all of your body or the main areas you want to be tanned.

One of the main reasons I love this product and defenitley recommend purchasing is because as many people, I am, one of those people that can never get a fake tan right to save my life. Every time it either is too light or stains something or I get massive streaks and there is never a color I can build to look natural but with this you wont make any of those mistakes and it gives you a nicer gradual shine & shimmer along with a beautiful summer tan!