Favorite Beauty Essentials 2015

Recently I have really started to notice and work out what beauty products I use daily and really enjoy using. Since I was 9 I’ve been focused 100% on my skin and what to do to look after it and noticed I have a very unique range of skincare and my makeup is all very similar along with my hair care.

I do try to incorporate new products to try out and see if I like regularly but some products just don’t get old with me and I wanted to share them and send a message out explaining why these are my favorite beauty products that are essential.

Essential #1 

Now to some people deodorant for them might be an essential but not really too knowledgeable on the different types out their or might not even care. For others (such as me) I am very specific about my deodorant and for me it’s an absolute essential and so important because I have to admit one of my biggest fears is being smelly so making sure I’m protected from odor and from sweating I use Sure Maximum Protection. Now this product I first found out about back in I would like to say midway through last year and it’s been a holy grail. I do suffer due to problems with my hormones high sweat which is horrible and this has seriously helped so much and I just can’t go without it now. For the people in other countries who may not be able to get this product I have also tried 3 types of Secret Gel Deodorants which are just as amazing but obviously unavailable in the UK.

Essential #2 

I have been wearing foundation now for the past year and since last Christmas I used to apply my foundation, BB cream, etc using my fingers which isn’t the best way to do it and I really noticed my problem with my outcomes. At Christmas I asked as one of my presents for a beauty blender which I’ve got to admit is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made with makeup… EVER. I don’t physically know how I coped before not using this because it seriously is such an essential. It leaves a beautiful flawless yet natural look on the face and is the most easiest thing ever.

Essential #3 

One of the first ever makeup items I ever had was a lip balm set from this unknown brand and the image of these three beautiful lip balms still stick in my head. From such an early age I’ve been obsessed with lip balms which results in finding my favorite and trust me it’s taken years and years of lip balm trying to find it and as soon as I tried Dr. Lipp I fell in love. Basically this brand first did a nipple balm and it was for dry and cracked nipples or area of the skin that needed moisture and then recently the balm was tweaked a little and made into a beauty balm for lips mostly but can also work on nipples, elbows, brows and loads of other makeup uses aswell. It’s so so so moisturizing and leaves my lips with a lovely smooth feel and makes your lips look soft and healthy. It’s a little pricey though as it comes in for around £10 but I promise it’s really worth it.



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