Plans / Chit-Chat on Re-Decorating My Room

For a good couple of years now I have been in the process of planning my new room and it’s finally came to a point in time where it now needs to be done. I got my room last decorated back in I would like to say 2006 when I was 4 years old so I guess it’s about time now I’m 13 something gets sorted!

I am so indecisive on what inspiration/theme I want to go for in my room.. I’m loving the idea of a very vintage, bird cages, sleek, pink, coral or baby blue or even a grey stoney colored room but then I also like the idea of all fun colors with white walls and copper lamps and pintrest/tumbr themed room with Polaroid pictures everywhere and memories on every wall but they’re both so different but then both so me so I don’t want to mess it up but then I don’t want to regret anything so it’s a hard decision to make, I would say.

One of the hardest parts actually though once you’ve gone with your design/theme (which I have decided is going to be my first option a very vintage, pretty and sleek room) is choosing the right wallpaper. I have been searching now day and night for the past couple of months trying to find the right wallpaper! I have literally looked everywhere and nothing has really caught my eye and if it has It’s been on pintrest or somewhere where it doesn’t attach where you can get the frikin wallpaper from or it’s a different country so it costs a mortgage to ship over and if they don’t ship to the UK I’m screwed.

But once I’ve found my wallpaper it’s then time to get the matching paint for the other walls. I specifically want a misty white paint so it will match well with my furniture and a easy color to design with and match with anything.

Recently in my room I have had a new carpet and new windows and shutters so it just is the decorating left to do.

One of the things I’m most excited about though with my new room is that I am having half my room now sectioned off into….. A WALK IN CLOSET/WARDROBE. As you can probably guess I am extremely excited and happy about this as it is every girl’s dream and especially mine. It will have sliding mirrored doors and once you open them your in my closet. I’m going to have the famous ALEX Drawers to keep my makeup in and other bits such as clothes and underwear. Jean/Trouser hanger things that pull out.. it’s going to be amazing.

I am also doing a video to explain everything in full detail on my YouTube channel so when I upload that I will be sure to link that here;



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