Bournemouth Day Out | August 2015

So on August 8th, I decided I wanted to take a trip up to Bournemouth, one of England’s biggest tourist/holiday place. For a long time now I’ve wanted to see Bournemouth, it’s a beautiful place and has the most amazing beach full up with beach huts every meter away from each other which goes on for what looks like forever.

My favorite YouTuber Brogan also lives up in Bournemouth and features the beach quite a lot in her weekly vlogs which I highly recommend you go watch! So when I saw this beach I just pictured her sitting at her mum’s beach hut, and I don’t know why but for me that just felt really special and it made me so happy and want to go their even more 🙂

When we first arrived which was at about lunch time, we was very hungry so once we parked up and got down to the beach we went to the famous Harry Ramsden’s and had what was said ‘The Best Fish and Chips In The World’ and I’m not going to lie I agree with them on the chips part. I don’t like fish so I don’t know but what I do know is I’ve had my fair share of chips so far throughout my lifetime, and they were the best I’ve ever tried.

After our little cheeky break at Harry’s we decided to properly go down to the beach and stroll through the sand and sea which was really cold but at the same time so nice as I don’t live near a beach and don’t go to one quite often either so getting the chance to walk in some sea water and white sands was something I wasn’t going to pass up!

After a bit of walking up the beach we saw the pier and thought that’s something were definitely going to have to do as I couldn’t pass up the good VLOG footage I would be able to get if we did. So we payed at most £1 to get onto the pier and just took a stroll up that which was really nice until it started raining 😦 So then we thought it’s about time we go, so as a last thing we stopped off in the rock store, and drove all the way home!


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