Radox Feel Relaxed Bubble Bath

Now I always spend lots of money on Lush products and as much as I love them so much they can be very expensive to keep purchasing, especially if your like me and you have baths and relaxing nights VERY often.

So I thought of opting out on a bubble bath. I have tried loads, and I really mean that but yet non of them seemed to work as well as this one, the Radox Feel Relaxed Bubble Bath.

It’s a easy use bubble bath and creates bubbles almost instantly which is a really good feature of this bubble bath. Also the fact that I once had a bath for 3 hours in this bubble bath and the bubbles were still their and it still had this beautiful lavender, floral scent and left me feeling really relaxed and smelling lovely.

Now the best bit about this bubble bath is that it’s a common UK brand of body products so it’s something that can be found in any drugstores and superstores across the UK! Also at a really good affordable price. You also will get a lot for your money as not only is it really nice using but it’s a big amount and will last you long, because a tiny amount goes a long way.



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