Airplane Travel Essentials ✈

So it’s came to that time where everyone is either going away on a holiday abroad or in their own country so maybe on a road trip, and I know I am, I’m going to Mexico in 19 days and this is why I thought I would supply you all with some of my essentials that I travel with either on a airplane.

I fly quite a lot so I have lots of essentials I have grown up to swear by as a great travelling essential which is why I thought I would tell you about them today.

iPhone & Camera 

Sometimes you don’t need to or wouldn’t want to bring your phone on holiday/vacation with you but for me it’s an essential as my phone has EVERYTHING on it. It has my music, a camera, my social media’s, games, etc. As much as my camera on my iPhone is still used, loads too take cute travelling selfies and pictures from my travels as maybe memories, for me it’s important I have my vlogging camera with me or my Go Pro Hero 4 so I can take memory’s with high quality or stuff for my job and hobby which is YouTube and Blogging.


My life, I like to think, is a massive music video. Music is one of the things I cannot live without, it makes me happy and there is so much music out their that suits all my different moods and I just cannot live without music. So especially when I’m bored or haven’t got anything better to do I love listening to music it’s like one of my favorite things and the only way I can do that if I’m on a plane or in public is by using my Beats Solo 2 in Pink or my Apple Earphones that came with my iPhone. I prefer to use my Beats but after a while I am fed up of having some giants headphones on my head which is then when I opt for my Apple Earphones as these are also a lot easier to use when I want to sleep.

Beauty & Skincare Essentials 

So as my flight is 10 hours long I think it’s an definite essential to have products that make me feel more refreshed and as airplanes are full of germs, and it’s a real pain for skin as the compressed air and high air conditioning can really dry skin out, it’s a definite for some good moisturizer for body, hands and face. Also some essentials for me are deodrant and body sprays or perfume. I have been on some really painful flights where I have literally felt like holding up air freshener up to my nose where the people next to me have smelt like a dead animal and it really isn’t nice and especially when your in a compact space such as a isle of seats in an airplane especially when you have to sit next to them for such a long flight or maybe short, if your lucky 🙂

Another essential for me is lip balm. I always have to have lip balm as it’s a real struggle for me when I have dry lips as they start to peel and it’s not nice at all and especially not on a flight which dry’s them out even more, so don’t forget that lip balm and keep your lips lovely and soft. Also an essential is something to cleanse my face with such as some micella water or face wipes or toner or even those Nivea facial mist’s, which are really nice to freshen up your face within a flight. It’s really important to keep your face clean and fresh when travelling as it makes you feel great and your skin also really benefits from some extra work when it’s needed. Something I also like to bring on a long haul flight, like the one upcoming for me, is a face mask. Whether it’s a liquid one or an actual mask, I love to bring myself to having one of these on a long flight as it really pampers the skin and if you can pick up the confidence to do one of these on a flight, you and your skin can really benefit.

Makeup Products

Sometimes when I am flying places I usually have somewhere to be after that or maybe I just want to apply some makeup in order for me to feel better about myself and make myself look at least one bit presentable. I only like to wear a bit of makeup after a flight while my skin is breathing or even non as it does really help but if I do I like to wear light products but things that still make me look awake and beautiful when really you should be looking like crap, especially after a long haul flight. One product I crave after a long haul flight for my base, instead as a foundation, I like to use either a BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer. My favorite is the Rimmel BB Cream which is lovely and light and has a good SPF coverage which also covers up all the blemishes and stuff on my face that shouldn’t be their. My second favorite is my Chanel CC Cream, which is on the expensive side which is why the Rimmel BB Cream comes a good dupe for a lower price range, but if you can afford to branch out to the Chanel it’s an amazing product as it gives an amazing coverage yet it still feels lovely and light feel to the skin and it also acts round to your skin tone which is perfect for me as I have very light skin which means there’s not many good matching colors out their for me.


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