June Fave’s 2015

So throughout the month of June I have been buying and trying so many new products and also been loving loads of items that I’ve bought so I thought I would talk about them and why their good. I also have a video on my June Fave’s on my YouTube channel so here is the link for that if you want to go check that out; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrShxSVF4rQ&feature=youtu.be 🙂

Every month I try and branch out my product knowledge and educate myself on all the wide range of products from makeup to skincare to hair care, etc. This June I loved these products particularly which is why I thought I would talk about them.

Naked Foundation

I actually already have a separate review on this foundation already on my blog so if you want to go check that out here is the link; https://hellagirlnicole.wordpress.com/2015/06/09/review-urban-decay-naked-skin-foundation/

Secret Deodorant

So while I was in America (late March, early April) I thought I would pick up some of the Secret Deodorants as lots of You Tubers and beauty/lifestyle bloggers rave about them. I picked up 2 Paris ones and a cocoa butter kiss one! They are by far the best deodorants I have ever used. When you apply it gives a lovely feel to the skin, their very moisturizing as well, and also stop me from being to sweaty but if I am it doesn’t smell at all and makes me still smells as fresh as I did when I first applied it.

Avon Care Glycerine Hand & Nail Cream

When I first bought this product in the early months of 2014, I didn’t really appreciate all the different products available and all of the amazing benefits a good hand cream can really do, I basically just bought this because I had some spare cash and it looked like a good enough product to buy. Lately, I have been so obsessed with this hand cream after placing it on my desk early June. It is so nourishing and moisturizing and really soaks into the skin fast and even faster when/if your hands are hot/warm. I thoroughly enjoy using this product and am pretty disappointed they don’t sell it anymore.

NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer’s

 From watching videos all throughout early months of 2015 I saw in a lot of American Haul’s these New NYC Lippies and I instantly fell in love with all the colors they have. So as I was going to be travelling to America late March so I thought it was a must to pick a few of these up! I got the two shades ‘Lincoln Square Love Affair’ and ‘Fidi Fuchsia’. The consistency of these lip colors are amazing and give a really good long lasting color to the lips.

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Face Moisturizer & Wash

 I have another separate review/blog post on these products so go check that out as it has way more information on the products and the line of products they offer. Here is the link to go and hear more about that; https://hellagirlnicole.wordpress.com/?p=53&preview=true 🙂

Victoria’s Secret Escape Fragrance Mist

Back in America Victoria’s Secret is a much much bigger company than it is over here ( In the UK)  so they have much more stock and for me as I’m not into the whole ‘Underwear’ thing yet so when I’m in a store the fragrances are the only things I really go in for and buy nearly every time I’m in their which is why I have to refrain from going in their usually. But when I was in America I had to go and pick this spray up in ‘escape’ as it just smelt amazing and is by far my favorite body mist ever. It has a very late night, sunset, date kind of smell with loads of flowers and just sets this beautiful summer image in my head.

COVERGIRL Clump Crusher by Lashblast  

This is by far my favorite mascara in the world. Over nearly my whole life span I have been using mascaras and always trying new ones high-end and drugstore. Recently, again while in America, I had to make my appearance in one of the famous American drugstores Walgreen’s! As YouTube is my life, I almost always have a chance to find out about all the new popular products and this mascara was one of them I heard multiple people rave and go on about to many times I almost had to get it to see what all this fuss was about. Wow, I am so glad I picked this up as out of all my mascaras from ‘they’re real’ to ‘the rocket’ this is my best mascara. It gives amazing volume to your lashes with a beautiful strong black color as I got mine in ‘very black’. It also gives me no clumps and a really good lash length while also being a very cheap/affordable mascara.

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint

Throughout the upcoming months I have this inspiration of bold bright fun lips for the summer and this was just waiting for me to purchase at such a low price! It has easy instructions on easy use on the product and the product itself is such a nice build-able color. It definitely is quite light for first appliance but you can build it up to a brighter color really easily and have the option of keeping in matte or adding some shine and texture with the lip balm on the other end which comes with the product.

L’Oreal Studio Heat Protection Spray 

Only throughout this past year I have discovered how important heat protectors really are and all the wide rang of different ones there are for different uses but all do the most important job which is protecting your hair from the heat you put it through daily (for me anyway)! As my hair is so short I have grown up with having it always straitened as that’s the nicest look for my hair and even in primary school my mother every morning would sit their and spend at most 5 mins straightening my hair so it became almost something I always had to do which is why my hair is so bad now which is also why I had to start using a heat protector. This one is great because it protects my hair, and helps with my go-to hairstyle which is washing it in a morning then blow-drying it and then straightening it and it helps so well with that as it is meant for having your hair straight daily.



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