Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Cleanser & Moisturizer

I love this skincare range so much. For nearly years now I have been obsessed trying to find a good brand and line of products I can use for my skincare and facial routine. I have came across brands such as simple which I found was to ‘cheap’ feeling, clean & clear which was just too heavy and didn’t have the results I was looking for such as many other drugstore skincare brands. I wanted something not high-street as that’s way to expensive especially for my young skin as most of the high-street products a bit to heavy and aimed for an older age group, so I wanted something in the middle of High-End and Drugstore.

When I first tried the facial cleanser and moisturizer I loved them, the feel they had on my skin was a very lightweight feeling with also an amazing scent that left me feeling hydrated and refreshed. I have tried different moisturizers with the facial wash and different facial washes to the moisturizer but it really doesn’t have the same affect these products give when they are together.

All in All, I’m very impressed with outcome of this brand and skincare line of products, which also concludes me to recommend this to all people with the same skin type as me (dry) and everyone really.


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