What’s In My Bag?! School Essentials Edition

For school I cannot go one day without these following essentials. If I do I already know I won’t be in a good mood about it. I have this extremely weird ‘ocd’ with all things not normal and in my every day routine, I always need to carry round something I might need because I love having the prepared feeling.

My essentials are like most others because as much as I think I need to carry round everything I will need I don’t need to carry round things that are completely our of the mind frame like my whole make-up collection because unless I don’t do it before I go to school I don’t need to carry round my naked 3 palette all day….

Phone & Headphones

I always need my phone in school just encase I need to urgently call someone and obviously to take good selfie’s with all my friends and just in general. In my school they don’t actually allow phones but as long as they don’t catch you on it, their okay about it to be honest. I also need headphones because in some lessons they allow me to play music if I’ve done the work and were waiting for others and because I am a music crazy I always play music so when I’m on the bus or at the bus stop it’s a necessity.

Books & Planner

These are a pretty obvious essentials for your school bag as this is one of the things you really do need in school. My planner and books are supplied by our school so we don’t have custom ones but that also means whenever we have that lesson we have to bring that book but that’s obviously if they haven’t got our books already as some teachers like to keep them for us As well as normal writing books I also like to carry round a reading book as in most lessons they don’t allow music so they ask if we can read and our school has a built in library so they really are fond of reading and books.

Pencil Case

All lessons and teachers expect you to come into the lesson with the full equipment required. Our required equipment is a pencil, pen, ruler, rubber, calculator and spare items such as pens and pencils. They also like us to carry round colored pencils and pens to mark our work in green and the teacher marks in red and also to make our work more presentable and easier to learn with some color in our books they recommend.


For me in school I am the girl who always has nice smelling things and the ‘clean’ one shall I say so it’s a necessity for me to carry round some body spray or perfume, deodorant, lip balm, etc.. I also love carrying round my bath and body works travel sized products such as their pocket bac’s (hand gels) body creams and hand creams by Victoria Secret. I also love bath and body works body sprays they all smell so nice and are amazing to carry round with you everywhere you go, their so handy.





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