Review; Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self-Tanner Lotion

I am a very pale person and all the time I am on the lookout for new products that I can try, good for my skin and that gives a great coverage gradual tan. I was recently on holiday to Florida and as you probably already know it was reasonably hot which resulted in a bit of a catch of sun on my arms.

As I am fair skinned it also has the down of being a skin type prone to burn easily in the sun and that meant I needed to be extra careful, like always, and use a higher SPF of sun cream. As most of you probably already know the higher you go in SPF the harder it is to catch a tan well that resulted in coming home with not one slight bit of brownness on my body which is where this amazing product comes into the… story!

Stupidly I didn’t bring this product to Florida with me and I had school right after I came back and everyone wanted to see how ‘brown’ I was so I had to think of a plan and using a product like this was my first bet. My mom already had this in her cupboard which is where I got the product off but little did I know how good it actually was.

What you do is get the lotion after like a bath or shower or whenever really as long as your dry and aren’t in any way going to mess it up or get your body wet while lotion is drying and just rub it over all of your body or the main areas you want to be tanned.

One of the main reasons I love this product and defenitley recommend purchasing is because as many people, I am, one of those people that can never get a fake tan right to save my life. Every time it either is too light or stains something or I get massive streaks and there is never a color I can build to look natural but with this you wont make any of those mistakes and it gives you a nicer gradual shine & shimmer along with a beautiful summer tan!




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