Cosford Air Show 2015

On Sunday the 14th of June, I went to the Cosford air show for our country’s celebration of this  base. This is held every year for guests around the world and mainly the UK to celebrate all the hard work our country’s royal air force, navy and army do to keep us safe.

I really appreciate how much effort this country puts in to keep us all safe which is why I had to go and support the amazing hard work and dedication all these young men and women put in and obviously make a donation. Not only was it great to be their and support our country’s forces but it was also an amazing show by all of the planes that flew across me and the whole presentation was mind blowing and I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

I highly recommend if any of you have any time when these shows are on which is very rare to defenitley go and experience the show. It really made me realize about how much hard work and how complicated it really is as an air force to look after all these highly expensive machines on really donations.





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