What’s In My Bag?! School Essentials Edition

For school I cannot go one day without these following essentials. If I do I already know I won’t be in a good mood about it. I have this extremely weird ‘ocd’ with all things not normal and in my every day routine, I always need to carry round something I might need because I love having the prepared feeling.

My essentials are like most others because as much as I think I need to carry round everything I will need I don’t need to carry round things that are completely our of the mind frame like my whole make-up collection because unless I don’t do it before I go to school I don’t need to carry round my naked 3 palette all day….

Phone & Headphones

I always need my phone in school just encase I need to urgently call someone and obviously to take good selfie’s with all my friends and just in general. In my school they don’t actually allow phones but as long as they don’t catch you on it, their okay about it to be honest. I also need headphones because in some lessons they allow me to play music if I’ve done the work and were waiting for others and because I am a music crazy I always play music so when I’m on the bus or at the bus stop it’s a necessity.

Books & Planner

These are a pretty obvious essentials for your school bag as this is one of the things you really do need in school. My planner and books are supplied by our school so we don’t have custom ones but that also means whenever we have that lesson we have to bring that book but that’s obviously if they haven’t got our books already as some teachers like to keep them for us As well as normal writing books I also like to carry round a reading book as in most lessons they don’t allow music so they ask if we can read and our school has a built in library so they really are fond of reading and books.

Pencil Case

All lessons and teachers expect you to come into the lesson with the full equipment required. Our required equipment is a pencil, pen, ruler, rubber, calculator and spare items such as pens and pencils. They also like us to carry round colored pencils and pens to mark our work in green and the teacher marks in red and also to make our work more presentable and easier to learn with some color in our books they recommend.


For me in school I am the girl who always has nice smelling things and the ‘clean’ one shall I say so it’s a necessity for me to carry round some body spray or perfume, deodorant, lip balm, etc.. I also love carrying round my bath and body works travel sized products such as their pocket bac’s (hand gels) body creams and hand creams by Victoria Secret. I also love bath and body works body sprays they all smell so nice and are amazing to carry round with you everywhere you go, their so handy.





Review; Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self-Tanner Lotion

I am a very pale person and all the time I am on the lookout for new products that I can try, good for my skin and that gives a great coverage gradual tan. I was recently on holiday to Florida and as you probably already know it was reasonably hot which resulted in a bit of a catch of sun on my arms.

As I am fair skinned it also has the down of being a skin type prone to burn easily in the sun and that meant I needed to be extra careful, like always, and use a higher SPF of sun cream. As most of you probably already know the higher you go in SPF the harder it is to catch a tan well that resulted in coming home with not one slight bit of brownness on my body which is where this amazing product comes into the… story!

Stupidly I didn’t bring this product to Florida with me and I had school right after I came back and everyone wanted to see how ‘brown’ I was so I had to think of a plan and using a product like this was my first bet. My mom already had this in her cupboard which is where I got the product off but little did I know how good it actually was.

What you do is get the lotion after like a bath or shower or whenever really as long as your dry and aren’t in any way going to mess it up or get your body wet while lotion is drying and just rub it over all of your body or the main areas you want to be tanned.

One of the main reasons I love this product and defenitley recommend purchasing is because as many people, I am, one of those people that can never get a fake tan right to save my life. Every time it either is too light or stains something or I get massive streaks and there is never a color I can build to look natural but with this you wont make any of those mistakes and it gives you a nicer gradual shine & shimmer along with a beautiful summer tan!



Cosford Air Show 2015

On Sunday the 14th of June, I went to the Cosford air show for our country’s celebration of this  base. This is held every year for guests around the world and mainly the UK to celebrate all the hard work our country’s royal air force, navy and army do to keep us safe.

I really appreciate how much effort this country puts in to keep us all safe which is why I had to go and support the amazing hard work and dedication all these young men and women put in and obviously make a donation. Not only was it great to be their and support our country’s forces but it was also an amazing show by all of the planes that flew across me and the whole presentation was mind blowing and I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

I highly recommend if any of you have any time when these shows are on which is very rare to defenitley go and experience the show. It really made me realize about how much hard work and how complicated it really is as an air force to look after all these highly expensive machines on really donations.




Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

So recently my mum and I splurged out a bit and decided to make a little investment in the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation 🙂 The quality of this foundation is the best I’ve ever had. The consistency is great and the pump squirts out some really good amounts which is good as wasting this product is quite costly.

I apply this foundation with my beauty blender and for me that seems to do it a lot better than a foundation brush or any other brush. It is a medium coverage foundation and is sold in 18 different shades. It is sold in most department stores and beauty shops and is retailed for about £27 and $39.

All in All, this is my favorite foundation at the moment and is really natural but can work with more dramatic makeup looks. It is quite cheap for a high-end foundation and works really well for all skin tones and skin types. I recommend this certainly to all teenage girls for a good natural makeup product for school that gives the good coverage and match able shades to suit your look/skin tone.


Naked Foundation 1


Naked Foundation 2


Naked Foundation 3

Bold Metals Real Techniques Brushes!

So as most of you might know. Real Techniques have released there new collection of brushes called ‘Bold Metals’ . They released this collection in the last weeks of 2014 and was released by the famous Nick and Sam Chapman over at the YouTube channel PixiWoo!

There are 3 different colors for the different uses of the brushes. The gold ones are the base brushes so you’ve got the: 100 Arched Powder and 101 Triangle Foundation. The rose gold ones are your finishing brushes so you’ve got the: Tapered Brush and 301 Flat Contour. Last but not least the silver ones are the silver brushes are for the eyes so you’ve got: 200 Oval Shadow, 201 Pointed Crease and 202 Angled Liner.

You can now get these brushes in your local stores in the UK such as Boots & Superdrug! I’m not quite sure in other parts of the world but I know you can defenitley get them of the Real Techniques Website and Amazon.

These brushes are the best brushes made by Real Techniques and the handles are really good and sturdy so defenitley suitable and perfect for makeup pro’s.

Here are some of the features of the new brushes;

  • Tapered tips for advanced pick-up and build able finish
  •  Most deluxe feel to date
  • Weighted handles engineered for optimal control + comfort
  • Strong brass ferrules for maximum durability
  • White bristles show exactly how much makeup is on brush before application
  • Refined artistry cuts offer high performance for ultimate application of makeup.


How long have you been blogging for?

Not long at all I’ve only just really started. I had a previous blogging account on blogger at: http://storiesbehindme1.blogspot.co.uk/ . So I did that for about a week and I will be carrying on with that but I wanted to start my blogging more seriously.

When is your birthday?

March 14th.

How old are you?

I was born in 2002 so that makes me 13.

Can I message you or get in touch in anyway?

Yes, of course you can! My gmail address is: hellagirlnicole@gmail.com and I’m soon going to create some social media accounts for my YouTube and blog accounts.

What are your hobby’s?

So, I do street dance and hip hop for my main hobby as I just love to dance I have been doing it since a very young age and just love the way it makes me feel. I am also trying to get more involved with social media lately and with my blog and YouTube!

What Music do you listen to?

As I do street dance and hip-hop it requires a very different taste in Music to say like jazz or modern or something. So the music I listen to is like Tyga, Drake, Kid Ink and all of those rappers and hip-hop/r&b tunes. But I do also extremely love Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and lots of pop and top charts tunes.